Thunder Tier One (if Ground Branch and Doorkickers2 had a baby)... Broadcast

Learned about this game on Twitter this morning, wished it on Steam, got into a Playtest… and it’s awesome, great potential. Thunder Tier One (very early, work in progress). If Ground Branch and Doorkickers2 had a baby. Tutorial then 1 mission. (the mission was intense). Twitch

I got some learning to do thou.


Very early development but already pretty awesome… SP, coop, PvP… very detailed… great missions, easy to order squad, just a little different to control your own guy.

The playtest is only for the weekend on Steam if interested.

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Replay tool… lets you move the camera around, set up the nice screens…


This was a surprise hit when the 3 day demo was released… coming Dec. 7th…

Thunder Tier One - Official Campaign Trailer | Launch Date Announcement - YouTube


Out now on Steam… damn good potential for this one.
(Still downloading.)


What are your thoughts on this one @Magnum50 ?

Just getting into it… it’s different and great. Didn’t really think a top down shooter could be this tactical, the movement controls rake some time to get use to, always find myself facing the wrong way. Loaded with features including SP, MP, mod support, replay system, customization system… looks and sounds great till zoomed in, but not meant to be played too zoomed in.

Missions are good, tactical, and easy to play hard to master… some tactical planning is needed, along with proper equipment use. Also comes with 2 good tutorial missions.

Worth the price, and with mod support… could be toms of new user made stuff soon.

OH, and it’s just 20 bucks… very worth the price.


Thanks @Magnum50 . I’ll probably pick this one up soon. Looks like it could be fun.

Love the replay tool… can also go into mission settings and adjust settings, even turn on lone wolf mode, good way to practice… the team AI is the weak point of this game, but made for co-op and PvP…

Be sure to setup your presets and select based on mission… (posting more on my twitter, don’t want to flood this forum, few interested.)

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I like that figure display/diorama plate background…

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