TIE Fighter Total Conversion just released

Get ready for a trip down memory lane!

Release trailer:

I am having so much fun with this.

I was planning on going to The Blue Planet in Copenhagen today but instead I think I will be blasting Rebels out of Space instead.

Only thing missing so far, is the center dot of the aiming reticle.

Get it here:

You need a copy of X-Wing Alliance (XWA) and the X-Wing Alliance Upgrade (XWAU)

(XWA) :

X-Wing Alliance Upgrade (XWAU) mod + Update Patch:

Install Tutorial:

I would recommend downloading everything before starting the install.



Oh lordy this looks amazing


I didn’t know I needed this!

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Holy. Ship.


Cool. I’m playing through the original Tie Fighter for the last few weeks. This might be a fun follow-up.


The comparison shots around the middle of the video are just fantastic :+1:

I can also see it supports VR. Wow!

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Be advised, while VR is currently supported, it exists only thanks to modding black magic! The game is 20+ years old, so decent performance in VR demands very beefy system requirements! It works, but it’s far from a perfectly smooth experience! TrackIR is also supported, so that’s an option if VR is too demanding.


With some pointers from the TFTC discord in the right direction, I now have a dot in the center of the aiming recticles for the TIE Fighter, Bomber, Interceptor and the Assault Gunboat.



If you also want this, follow the instructions in the included file.

TFTC TIE Fighter Reticle Dot.7z (152.5 KB)

Have fun storming the castle!

Ohh. Better change that to, hunting rebels.

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Cool. Does it work with the Steam version of XWA?

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It should.

EDIT: correction, it does.

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