Timelapse Video of Boeing Dreamliner Assembly

I was taking a look at BBC news today (specifically the cockpit video of Russian aircraft boming targets in Syria) and noticed a link to a timelapse video showing a Boeing Dreamliner being assembled for British Airways. I could not find a good YouTube version … well, to be honest I started looking and then came across a video of an Dreamliner being assembled for Air Canada and, patriotically decided to post that one instead.



I know I’m supposed to trust that carbon fiber wrapping process…but… LOL… I guess time will tell if they are as or more durable than traditional aluminum. I know, I know…stronger, lighter, fuel savings, etc…

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Seeing them wrap black bandages around something doesn’t seem like the strongest choice. That’s what it appeared to me on first viewing … now I am seeing more of the strands :slight_smile: