Tiny Combat Arena released

Looks like mindless fun. And a good price for now.


Oh that’s nice :slight_smile:

I tried it with mouse & keyboard and landing the harrier was… quite a challenge (which I failed miserably to meet)…


I got the impression it was like stock Strike Fighters with mid-90s graphics.

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I followed the development since the earliest days of the first demo and I got it immediately.

It’s fun, lightweight and immediately approachable.
Totally worth it, PLUS there’s more to come.


Wish them all the luck in the world. Not my cup-o-tea. If it gets more eyes on combat flight sims (or aviation in general) then a big :+1:

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I also picked it up, its certainly fun but I feel I’ve already done everything in the first 15 mins of play. Still I played the demo and I know they have more in the tank when it comes to future updates.

Don’t forget it’s still in development/Early Access.
More maps will come and more to do.

Very cool kome! I try to support all flightsim devs, especially the indie developers.

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Dumb question, but VR? If I could play Jane’s USNF in VR…

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I’m with @Andrew116 farily feature limited right now. Definitely looking forward to when they round it out. Definitely reminds me of an old school 90’s flight sim that runs butter smooth.

Not likely.

maybe similar to Ground Branch!? feature limited, good for some occasional skirmish or two.

it reminds me about similar feature limited flight titles from the past like Dogfight or Fighter Duel.

the question is will the development last so it turns into some better title? hard to tell as we dont know the sales numbers.

what I would like to see with these pre-alpha / alpha / beta titles is some kind of pricing plan. like joining pre-alpha state you pay 10, joining alpha you pay 20 (in case of transition from pre-alpha to alpha you will pay the difference), beta 30 and fully featured 50. that would make sense to me. but dont know if steam or the like allow for such pricing customizations.
this could work also for DCS I would say.

I just like when the games runs 90fps+ on my system. XP11 can do that on some not so populated areas, IL2 BOX can do that, GB can do that.
DCS and MSFS runs 40fps on my system. I can feel my eyes hurt :sunglasses:

Which is a real bummer and missed opportunity; this could probably be set to run on those all-in-one headsets.

Eh, just as the VTOL VR guy is not interested in physical devices.
As a friend of Why485 I totally support his vision.

Also it’s not easy- there’s no “just publish it in VR” switch to click.


I love it, gave me flashbacks to A-10 Attack and Cuba :smiley:


IKR?! Those were quite the inspiration for the game.

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Great fun, with a lot of potential. Remember it’s made by one guy, and it’s just released early access. And seems to be selling well already so watching for more.

Tiny Combat Arena 1st Look - YouTube


I just installed and played for a while. It is fun! Just take it for what it is and enjoy.

ps getting great framerates for a change :slight_smile:

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