Titan Vanguard


Well, lookey here!

Second Life meets ARMA meets— well your imagination?!
Seems a bit overwhelming.


Almost like they’ve stolen Outerra! Probbably where they got the tech

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It says Powered by Outerra on the logo :wink: . Looks quite impressive.


I guess the main thing it has going for it is scale, as in from buildings up to space? The graphics themselves look ok (as in not the best I’ve ever seen or anything) and the example flight models in those animated gifs look a bit basic compared to what we are used to.

I’m not sure it will make a fun game or sim, as in sometimes having a huge play area (say, bigger than ARMA/DCS) doesn’t mean it’s more enjoyable. Good for mil-sim customer realism, but in a bit of niche though. Like a lot of these things, until it gets something to download and play then it’s just all potential.


I somehow missed that logo :joy: but glad I can spot tech from miles away.

@fearlessfrog, it probably sports Outerra’s base flightsim. Which is powered by JSBSim flight dynamics engine.

@near_blind: Is this gordo’s Sim?

That it is.

Who’s Gordo?

Gordo_Viper over at SimHQ. We used to play Arma pretty regularly back in the day.

Thank you! :slight_smile: Sorry for the interference, carry on.

Looks pretty interesting.