Titanfall 2 Free MP Trial Weekend

Looks fun, will give this a go over the weekend.




Downloading now. Was very interested in this but got BF1 instead and didn’t get on with it.

Look me up when you are on @fearlessfrog and anyone else who may want to try this (or has it)

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I wouldn’t mind trying it out. I’ll be around this evening.

Yea I’ll be in it as well.

It is quite good fun but a bit twitch fast for me. As always learning the maps is key.

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I gave it a go for 30 minutes. Here’s what I remember:

‘fearlessfrog’ has entered the game.
Ooh, this looks nice, pretty graphics. I wonder what that…
‘fearlessfrog’ has been killed by Level 31 n00bK1ll3r.
Ah, ok, time to move, let’s jump up here…
‘fearlessfrog’ has been killed by level 51 l33tSoldier.
Hmm. Let me hide over here then, away from the…
‘fearlessfrog’ has been sniped by level 72 s3cretSh0t
n00bK1ll3r says ‘U suk’.
s3cretSh0t says ‘lol’

It was nice enough, but overly frantic, in that ‘HOLD DOWN W KEY IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!!’. The mech bit was good, but similar to Titanfall 1. The free weekend was essentially just a farming event for paying players, which was fair enough. I think just exploring the maps with the grappling hook without getting noobblasted with better guns would have been interesting but not really what this free MP was about.

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I had a similar experience, I would stop at a door to scan and look for enemies - knifed. Grappled up to a roof and looked out to find targets - shot dead by a guy sailing over me like Spiderman.

I started doing better when I followed the ABM rule - Always Be Moving.

Until that level of frantic kinetic play got exhausting.

I enjoyed it and had fun in the Titans, but kept wishing the maps were bigger. Titans = Brawling most of the time.

Fun was had but I couldn’t talk myself into the 40 bucks.

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I would really like to try out the single player campaign, I think I might like that aspect of it. Might tide me over until the new Mechwarrior comes out in 2018.

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