TM New F-16 TQS

Sooooo Thrustmaster, I guess WinWing got under your skin. I waited years for a TQS replacement for my Cougar. WinWing answered my call. Now you guys have finally designed a new TQS. Seriously??? What took you so long? As a long-time TM fan, I feel a little letdown.

This is my attempt at a fanboy rant. :smile: :rofl: I’ll be keeping an eye on this hardware but will likely not get one as long as my WinWing throttle holds up. Admittedly, your new TQS looks like a hella nice design.

While I’m here, I wouldn’t complain if you decide to develop an F-15E HOTAS. My Suncom F-15 set has been boxed up in my museum for many, many years.


I’ll try to get my hands on it tomorrow when I hit the TM stand.


Man…! Links! Pics!

I should have taken some photos of the slide. It looks like a nice device. The throttle is fully articulated like the real F16 throttle.

It comes packaged with a panel that includes a gear handle , switches, knobs and a slider.

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Sounds nice!

You can also purchase the throttle and switch panel separately if you want. The bundle comes in at over $500, which would indicate that the quality should be pretty good.

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Here’s the link to the live stream which is ongoing as I type this. I don’t know how to timestamp youtube videos but TM is the first presenter.

Wait up, StormBirds just updated their blog. Scroll down a bit for pictures. I haven’t clicked on anything yet but noticed a pic of the setup.

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Good to see Thrustmaster is still in the game.


It really looks nice and I thought I noticed some throttle differences, from the WinWing, in the transit from idle to AB. With my WinWing unit, the throttle grip is fixed to the arm so it rotates as you move it through the arc. As a result you have to rotate your wrist with it. For me changes the feel, especially since I fly in VR. The TM grip seems to rotate along the throttle arm, keeping it in a relatively fixed neutral position. I have no clue which is realistic and it was hard to get a true sense because the throttle operation was demoed in a cinematic trailer, with flashes to the real unit. Anyway, I guess people will be able to get a real sense if they get to play around with it in the TM booth. I’m really curious.

Please share your impressions if you get to use it.

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I definitely will do that. I’m no F16 expert though.

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Sorry, my opinion…
hideous project runway GIF


Lucky dude! I feel like I should be jealous but… :thinking:

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I’m guessing all those logos…?

That upper part with that knob is a bit annoying too… What is it? A button? Rotating axis?

Also, what is that thing next to the speedbrake switch? A wheel? Rocker? Is that on the real TQS?

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The knob on the wall is actually a button in the real aircraft, for countermeasures (CMS) program 5. Reflected did a YT video where he quoted Dan Hampton in Viper Pilot where he has that setup as flares only. So CMS fwd is chaff only and hitting the wall button with the back or side of your fist is flares. Easy to remember in the heat of battle.


Aaah! Did not know that…

They call it the slap switch. That alone makes this thing mighty tempting to me.


Not gonna like, the Fist bump Defending button above the throttle sells it for me.

now we just need a hornet throttle and i’ll be whole… and 2K more in debt.


Redkite has posted a video review


Looks fantastic! Dream for me as a BMS pilot. I would buy it but the price is too high. RTX 4070 or new F-16 TQS. Hard choice. Probably I will choose this product WINWING because it costs only 300 EUR here in Europe.