TM Warthog on sale...$299

Seems like a good price…


Was it on sale then? Because $461.10 Seems kinda pricey. Especially when the price in Norway is around $322.30. And we’re pretty pricey as a country

Yeah…it was $299 for awhile there…

How is this thing still almost $500?!?!?!?!?

I have seen it suggested that sales should be an ongoing trend since Thrust Master apparently has a new product conference on May 4th. I am too much out of the loop to know whether that’s true, but as someone getting back into simming, I would love to see TM release a new high end stick for the DCS F-18. Again, no idea how unrealistic that might be…

I’d buy that!

Well, stranger things have happened. I mean who woulda’ thunk Warthog?

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It would be awesome for sure, but were I to argue the other side of it, we don’t know how far out the F-18 module is, so TM would be jumping the gun a bit to announce a HOTAS setup for it now. Does anyone remember the sequence of events when the Warthog came out? Were the module and hardware announced and released at roughly the same times?

I’ve been checking prices the last few days. Yesterday $470 and today at Egg, $399. I think that it’s a similar game that Amazon plays, adjusting the price dynamically according to supply, demand, and who knows whatever retail adjusting voodoo algorithm they run on the back end. The stick solo seems to be hovering around $299, regardless of what the complete set is doing. Can you say Camel Camel Camel.

Pretty sure you can buy the TM Warthog and stick separately now if you wanted to, they are both seen as two separate controllers in Windows OS’s and that’s different from how the TM Cougar worked and all of Saitek’s HOTAS units too.

There may not be many reasons you only need one half of the TM Warthog, but they do exist :slight_smile: Hey, even if your Warthog is out of warranty its good to know you can buy the broken half cheaper than buying a new dual unit.

Replying again, Chip already mentioned you can buy the TM Warthog units separately, but those prices mentioned seem expensive in the US?

Maybe not, just compared UK Amazon price for Warthog dual units and its £277, so $403, still worth the money IMHO, could never use another HOTAS again.

I heard this $299 sale ends tomorrow, May 18th, at 11:59. Hurry! :slight_smile: Throttle included.

I don’t see the expiration on the site page, but someone mentioned it over at DCS Forums.


Dang…that’s a good enough price I should buy a backup. Or one for my son…LOL…