TM Warthog Speedbrake Switch on the Fritz

Greetings all,

My Warthog is finally starting to show its age. My speedbrake switch is failing. The brake extend function works intermittently, about 30-40 percent of the time, making it extremely unpredictable in flight. I purchased a can of electronic contact cleaner as it was recommended as a first step. Hopefully, it works.

In the event it doesn’t, what are some of your suggestions and is it still possible to get Warthog replacement parts from Thrustmaster? I can’t seem to find any information on replacement parts.


Contact TM support. The repair might require a tiny bit of soldering, is that something that you would consider?

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Thanks. I’m a novice at soldering as I have done it on a couple of occasions. So, I’m open to the option.

It’s most likely possible to find the switch elswhere too.

True, you could remove the switch and see if there’s any marks. With those you can usually order the switch from a well sorted electronics-dealer.

Hey all,

First, thanks for the suggestions. Good news: my switch is working again. I purchased a can of electronic cleaner and worked on the switch. It now works flawlessly. I’m not sure how long it will continue to work but I’m a happy camper.


Hi trevorr610, I suffer exactly with the same issue, can you just tell me, did you just sprayed the cleaner into the crevises of the switch or did you disessemble the trottle and cleaned from the inside for it to work again ? Appreciate the answer!

Hi ZerXen, welcome to the forum.

I took apart the throttle and sprayed directly into the switch hoping that would do the trick, which it did. I didn’t even have to remove it from its mount because once you pull out the throttle side everything is relatively easy to access.

FYI, I used CRC QD Electronic Cleaner, which I got from Amazon. It’s rated safe for sensitive electronics and dries quickly (this is not a referral but simply the one I chose after some research). It dries in seconds but I waited several minutes just to be safe. Don’t forget to unplug your Hog (just saying this because it is soooo easy to forget :smile:). Hope this helps and best of luck.

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Thanks trevorr for anser. Just a quick follow-up? How did you get the PCB that holds the three switches (e.g china hat on one side and the speed brake on the other). The one screw that was on the PCB doesnt hold it, those three switches do as they are soldered to the PCB from the back side.

Did you just spayed the cleaner on the back side of the speedbrake switch below the PCB with the PCB still attached to the side?

Yes. You should have more than enough access to get the solution on the inside of the switch without having to remove anything. It vaporizes quickly. In fact, I think I got overzealous when I applied it but it should not harm the board or anything.