To MT or not MT

WOW!! Great Find!! :+1:

Possible new beta today …, :grinning::grinning::grinning:



Sweet Jesus!!..He’s Right!!!
"Current version number: DCS Open Beta
Next update: Planned 17th March 2023 ( subject to change )

Thank you"

If this ends up being Normandy II I’m taking All The Credit…since I binge watched Band or Brothers for the 22nd time last night, :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Is anyone else having trouble with The DCS menu in MT version,OpenXR enabled in VR mode?
I get a very jittery menu…once in the game however everything is smooth …but trying to change options in DCS menu can be…”Challenging “

Not that issue myself. What I see mostly is it won’t close when you click “Exit”. A

And sometimes, after multiple sessions, the mouse gets ‘off’ when trying to click a menu item - it’s like the mouse is this “| |” far off, vertically. You have to put the mouse a tad below the menu item instead of right on it. Been that way for me since Version 2.7 something.


That’s my issue lately as well. Even if you have Settings > VR > Cursor Confined to Game Window checked, the mouse can move off the bottom when trying to click the OK or Cancel buttons, taking DCS out of focus.

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I haven’t had that happen a lot since I moved my task bar to the side of the screen a year or so ago


I’m definitely having issues in the menus while using MT and OpenXR…the menu and view just freezes, but the background music is still playing just fine. Hopefully they will fix this soon…. I guess it really is ‘Just a Beta’ :wink:

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It still doesn’t work for me at all. My AMD 5800 X3D and 3080ti must not be enough lol. Game plays 5 or 10 minutes then locks up.
Yup! Its Berry Beta


OK Thanks…I thought it could be something on my end.

Same GPU here, AMD5900X. No major issues. Just some small, annoying ones.

A new version of OpenXR has released and it seems to have fixed my problem with DCS crashing on the menu screens while in MT and VR. It’s running very smoothly for me now (single player on the instant action missions).


so where does one download this?

You get it from the MS Store… You might find it has auto-updated, but if not:


Thanks for that. Saved me some time. Now to test…

I found it made a noticeable difference to the smoothness of the sim (in a positive way). Also, quite impressive with MSFS too.


If you want to record or stream the VR Mirror there’s the “Over-prediction reduction” option under Inputs in the OpenXR Toolkit overlay that gets rid of the jitter. Unfortunately I didn’t have it on for the stream last night but I now have it at -60% and the short clip I recorded looks very smooth.


Awesome!!! Away from gaming rig at the moment…Will give it a try when I return…Thank You for info.

I’m reluctant to try this due to my current smooth experience in DCS World. I s’pose it would be different if I were playing online on a busy server, but i don’t know - I’ll have to give it a test on a stable server - if I can find a busy one when I’m on the pootah.

edit: I’m happy enough to wait for it to find it’s way to stable, but the performance thing is a question I’ll do my best to answer beforehand.