To my fellow Warthog HOTAS users

So I’ve had this thing for probably a year and a half. Solid, as expected. Using it in everthing from DCS to FSX to Elite:Dangerous. But having some button issues lately, and wanted to ask if there were similar problems or if I had any recourse for my troubles.

I use the Mic Switch “push” for my PTT for teamspeak, so it gets major use. also use Mic forward in ED for boosting so that gets hammered A LOT. Lately there’s been some extra play in the hat, and I really have to struggle to get the Mic Forward to actually hit the button sometimes. Which sucks when you are in a pinch in ED and need to boost and canT find the detent.

Has anyone had issues with this switch? are they replaceable/repairable? will TM service them? I’m pretty savvy when it comes to doing repair on stuff like this but if I don’t have to take apart a $500 joystick I won’t. It really feels like whatever bushing material is in there is just deteriorated, or sometihgn like that. Did you all ever have an N64? Remember when the thumbstick would just crap out and go all floppy? its very much like that.

I had an issue with my mic switch and some of the lights in the throttle assembly not coming on. Contacted Thrustmaster customer service, and after running through several debug and recalibration routines, they had me send the whole thing back, and replaced it. I believe Beach also had to have his Warthog worked on at some point? problem being, shipping to Canada is EXPENSIVE for something so heavy.