To whom it may concern ; P

I would like to just say " thank you " to the whole Mudspike community.

It has been a weird year but y’all made it ten thousand times better.

I’d like eventually to drop in the Teamspeak server and thank you all by voice, but time zones makes it a tad improbable. In any case, I couldn’t have hoped for a nicer bunch of friends in my life.

No matter how virtual or intangible- many times you guys meant more than the superficial people living, working and sharing a physical place with me.

Here’s rising a virtual glass of mulled wine to many many years of the same original, fresh and genuine feelings in Mudspike’s forums and servers.

Cheers guys and may these festivities, and the new year, bring you what you need the most.

Ciao from Italy.


Thank you, @komemiute!
You definitely make this place sparkle with your Italian flair! :it: and Mudspike would not be the same without it… :christmas_tree:



We’ve got a good group here - no doubt about it. When all the rest of the news of the world is so odd these days, it is a nice little refuge of friendship and shared interests. As always, I appreciate everyone’s contributions and I’m looking forward to 2018.


Cheers, Komi!


Cheers mate, glad to have you aboard. :wink:

It always feels weird for me to get to discuss with people who share my interest in aviation. Most people I know are just interested in “coffee break” talks, which sort of gets old after a while.


Happy to be here and talk about our hobby with you every day. :slight_smile:


In a maelstrom of negativity, Mudspike offers a wonderful port in the storm. It’s why I stick around.


Thank you @komemiute !
It has been a pleasure to talk, laugh and cry with you, even though it was through some text in a forum, I can connect to what you’re saying.

We sure are a nice community, and your art and vigor are major contributions to that!

Thanks @everyone for making this such a nice place!
I read a lot (really, a lot! Please don’t look at my stats) and I feel like I should post more.
I think I just unintentionally made a new year’s resolution


The best way to illustrate how awesome the mudspike community is, just look at our reactions to the Christen Eagle II.

While so many reacted in a manner that suggests marital impropriety or an affection for the Yankees, Mudspike’s reaction was one of confusion. After all, that was a curveball.


It is refreshing to leave the ED forums and wander through this tranquil place with no flame wars or Trolling. And such an array of Gifs