Today is my last flight in the 737!

Newark-Cancun-Newark. After 20 years and, what?, 15000 hours, it’s bittersweet. Obviously I’ve been a fan of the machine.

Happy Thanksgiving All!


Great career! I think you will enjoy also the new ride :slight_smile:

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That’s a lot of time on type! I’m sure you will miss flying the 73, but moving on to a new airplane is always exciting. Enjoy your flight today!

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Congratulations, that you may find as much enjoyment on a new aircraft as you did on the 737!

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That’s a good turn…Cancun…grab some 1800 from the duty free!

15,000 hours and 20 years in type. Wow. That is impressive. I have 21 years in type in the Citation V / Ultra, but not near that many hours. I’ll bet it really feels like home and you’ve probably seen just about every quirk of the airplane there is to be seen.

I’ll be curious to hear what you think of the 757 and how it feels different from the 737. Happy Thanksgiving!

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@TheAlmightySnark jinxed us. Plane broke. The 737NG has an Achilles heal called the PSEU. It’s non-dispatchable.

They are working on an airplane swap. But for now we are twiddling our thumbs and enjoying free Turkey and stuffing.

Livin’ the Dream!


LOL…that’s too ironic. I got jinxed too. I was all set to go, we were holding short of 36R here in CLT and the flight phone rang - Dispatch calling to cancel the trip. I’d rather have gone and gotten it over with…a nice easy CLT-RDU-CHO-RDU-CLT trip that would have had me home by 2PM or so. Now we could get something much worse. And I had to file an SMS report since we left the blocks (dumb…I know…)

No turkey here though. But I think Cracker Barrel up the road might open for lunch today…

Hope you get a plane soon and get on your way…


That very same Cracker Barrel plays into one of the most vivid MedcenterAir experiences of my short stint there. (I’ll let you eat first)

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Thank you to you guys working on Thanksgiving delivering families and medical care. Salute


We boarded partially and the light came back on. So we had the mechanics return and explain themselves. The said that they had found a loose wire bundle and were certain that was the issue. But no. So now we are swapping planes with an inbound. Hopefully leaving no more than 4 hours late. I picked a bad day to stop sniffing glue!


I am so sorry, sometimes I forget the unimaginable power I wield as an Technician… I hereby bless you so that your bearings always have a tight fit, your seals may never leak, and FOD may bounce of your inlet blades like leafs on a car! Amen. The great compressor in the skies is watching over thy!


Sorry to hear that you had problems with your last flight but I am happy you found it before you were in flight.


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Congrats @smokinhole!

Discobot doesn’t mess around…


Oh wow… I get a similar feeling every time I finish a simulator project. It’s kind of a bittersweet feeling like you described. What airline did you work for, if that’s not rude to ask?

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How rude! Like asking a woman’s age.

I am 50, size D and I work for United.

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At least we don’t refer to United as “The Enemy” in our house.

A bit of language in this clip: