Today’s SSD's ROCK!

Mein Gott! The Samsung 850 PRO achieved 9,100,000 GB of writes before crapping out!

(German source)

Let’s say you write 50 GB on a Samsung 850 PRO SSD per day … yup, that drive will THEORETICALLY last about 500 years LOL! :thumbsup: This seems too good to be true. Can anyone that can read German verify this? :grin:

Yeah I can read some german, so I didn’t use an online translator and any errors that might induce.

  • 12 drives had actually been tested, and only the best performing drive achieved 9.1PByte.
  • The reason for the test was concerns amongst consumers that only a limited number of cycles are guaranteed by the manufacturer. Causing concerns of increased perfomance vs limited product lifetime.
  • 2 examples of each of the products listed in the article had been tested.
  • The test started on June 22nd, 2016
  • By december 2016, 9 of the originally 12 SSD’s had failed. However, they all met the guaranteed amount of cycles before crapping out.
  • I can conclude from context that the remaining drives are the pair of Samsung 850 pro’s and one of the SanDisk Extreme Pro drives.
  • The 2nd SanDisk Extreme Pro is presumed KIA because of a power surge and not by flash degradation.
  • The poorest performer was the Crucials 200x wich wrote 187 and 250TB of data, two-and-a-half times the guaranteed amount.
  • The samsung EVO 750 was the best perfoming SSD in the budget model class, writing 1.2PB of data (No % given).
  • No Pro model performed worse than 2.2PB
  • The Samsung that achieved 9,1PB achieved the guaranteed amount x 60

There is supposedly more info in a linked article that is pay-to-read


Thanks @Sryan

So even with the poorest of the poor Crucial 200x writing a generous 50GB per day … a theoretical 10 year life span! Nice!

(I’m not saying don’t back up your data though)

Incredible performance out of the Pro models and the Samsung EVO 750!

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Accurate translated summary, I see no errors. :slight_smile:

And yes, SSDs have let their slightly unreliable past behind them. Even cheap ones by far exceeded the guaranteed values.
Those are values that match - and exceed - those of regular hard disks.

So basically the only things speaking for regular hard disks are

  • cheaper
  • bigger ones available

everything else says SSD.

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