Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

I sort of cooled on the Rainbow Six series over the years, but interested in anyone’s opinion if they have it. Pretty sure this is multiplayer only?

As always, the broadcast streams are useful to check it out…

And thats the reason I wont get it. Guess I’ll just wait until the Division

It is MP only to my knowledge. Still, the gameplay looks interesting enough that had I not hemorrhaged cash over thanksgiving I would have picked it up by now.

If any one has it, I’d love to know their opinions of it.

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I’m watching some public pick-up matches - it’s brutal so far. People quitting mid-game, team kills, Rambo charging, one guy yelling ‘be tactical!’ over and over.

Like with many of these games, who you play with makes a massive difference. :smile:

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Yeah, finding a good tactical group makes a world of difference in a game like that…

The rounds are really quick too, which is something that appeals to me. I get put off in having to commit multi-hour with things like this.

Watching a couple of broadcasts the casual games seem to last about 3 or so minutes (as in, one round defending then one attacking etc). The ‘prepare’ with the drones etc seems kinda neat. I don’t mind the ‘one shot kill’ either, especially in games like BF you can unload a clip and the guy just laughs…

Sounds like that could have been @Magnum50 lol


Oh, we would have sorted out that crew for sure, kicked that go-solo rambo butt for sure. :smile:

Herding cats on a public server is hard.

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A round of a tactical shooter with Magnum is an experience everyone should have at least once. :laughing:

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I prefer this method…

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I wasn’t that bad, lol…

I got it for XBOX One, I describe it as a potentially great game ruined by very stupid gameplay and business end decisions.

There is somewhat of a SP, and it’s pretty good…and you get rank for the missions too, it’s a series of 10 operations. but even on normal it’s very hard, always getting killed. My weapons don’t seem to have much to them, and then the enemy has suicide bombers who run up to you taking hit after hit of assault rifle rounds only to pull a pin and kill you both. Takes too many rounds to kill a bad guy, and even with hard and realisitic difficulty, all that does is make the bad guys faster and smarter… don’t give you realistic weapon kills.

I tried a few MP sessions, only one other person was using the built in comms. I was trying to report contacts, get us in a 360 position, they weren’t having any of that. What really killed it was the guy I was actually using comms with. we were at the end of a long hallway, I said “button hook, I’ll go left, you right”… we went, he turned and went the other way, I went left no target, guy on right killed me… I quit. lol

could be very fun with friends…but some stupid ■■■■ put in this game. oh and the store, I know they were going to do that weapon skins… turning it into a tactical shooter to a clown shooter like CoD did long ago… shame.


Hey! Thanks for that - it’s really nice to see you again @Magnum50 .

How’s the boat stuff going - from what I read it sounded a pretty good gig?

Coming from someone that’s played way too many FPS games of all types from Wolfenstein to Counter-Strike to ArmA and Project Reality…

The game feels distinctly like the developers had a great vision which they were then forced to mold for mass market appeal and a certain development time constraint.

You can see features or parts of the game that don’t really have a purpose, but [insert competitor X] has them, so hey, Siege better have them too.

  • Weapons customization like Call of Duty? Check.
  • Fast round based format with small, tight teams like Counter Strike? Check.
  • Characters with unique abilities meant to complement or counter each other like DoTA or LoL? Check.
  • Gadgets featured in previous Rainbow Six games and lore? Check.

It plays like it has the intent to become a tactical shooter, but fear of becoming too inaccessible hamstrings “hardcore” functionality that would make it truly unforgiving or limit the pace. Player movement is the same “stabilized massless video camera moving with ball bearings on glass” that’s featured in CoD. Weapons handling is the same as any modern military shooter: laser-tag flashlight with the same recoil as a paintball gun. Damage is forgiving, unless you’re shot in the face which is an instant kill (because headshots, duh).

All in all, really quite disappointing. Features like the multiple entry points, recon via technology phase, extensive destructible environments, and player-deployable defensive structures have great potential. None of them I feel were really used to their full extent.

The short note: Want some fast paced MP FPS action that’s got a few twists different from the typical stuff out today? Go for it. Looking for some deliberate tactical action? You’ll be disappointed.

If you want that SP tactical feel that invokes the aura of earlier Rainbow Sixes and the SWAT series, give Door Kickers a try.


Nice summary @AeroMechanical - thanks!

Starting to change my 1st impressions, wasn’t happy with it at first, still has typical new launch issues, and hate some of the gameplay decisions, but after getting on a team last night that used tactics, teamwork, and comms… we dominated and it was great fun. Give it a month to patch it’s self up, could be worth it in the long run…could be, or it will die a sudden death. :wink:

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Bought this too as an impulse buy, bought it from “CD Keys” for less than half the price it was on Steam, first time I ever did that, but the key worked on my Ubi launcher just fine and i have the game installed on three home PC’s now.

Back in the day I would play Raven Shield for hours and into the wee small hours with mates … sadly weave all lost touch now.

But yeah from early play it looks like fun and no regrets buying this for just over £22, hopefully the game world will expand soon.

Agreed, its fun and has a decent level of tactical depth for a AAA shooter.

Sigh. Still waiting for SWAT3 replacement…

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