Tomato Training

I’m in the process of talking a friend of mine, @Jarebear40, into also catching my DCS addiction, so we went up in Su-25Ts today to continue the indoctrination.

The Su-25T is a great gateway aircraft. Light on systems depth, but not completely flat, and has more than enough capability to do damage. All it takes is a few keys to run through a cold start, a little discipline to taxi, a little more to takeoff, and then you can ravage.

This is a screenshot right after @Jarebear40 learns a valuable lesson - 2 always goes second. ALWAYS!

Yes, @klarsnow, I made the noob do a section takeoff. And yes, he crashed on his first attempt, although in all fairness, he was lead, and he crashed because…well, we still don’t know why, but I’m pretty sure it will be ruled death by noobness.

On his second takeoff, his nav system wouldn’t toggle to ENROUTE, so I had to gently guide him on course.

Unfortunately, I forgot to double-check our loadout prior to takeoff and we were both hauling laser-guided weapons - not the best system of choice for an introductory lesson to combat in the Su-25T. His first pass over the target had predictable results: failure to launch a weapon but success in taking a dump-truck load full of explosive shells into the fuselage.

Amazingly, he was able to keep it flying for quite a bit longer, streaking black smoke across the sky and drawing tracer fire from me like a good wingman.

Of course, the happy times had to come to an end and ol’ Jare succumbed to his Sudden Deceleration Trauma wounds almost instantly.

In the end we both learned a lot:

  • I learned that left-shift-q continuously dispenses countermeasures.
  • @Jarebear40 learned that laser-guided weapons are not easy-peasy to deliver.
  • I learned the Su-25T can be on fire and still fly and function for a ridicuously long time.
  • @Jarebear40 learned that the Su-25T does not handle like a War Thunder Bf109.

I have so many things I want to do and no time… Dcs falls in the no time sadly. Most things are. It is sad.

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@EinsteinEP Glad to see you attempting to bring in people to DCS. May I ask will your friend come back for more? :slight_smile: If he likes the Su-25T, he will really like the helicopters. :wink:

@Rhinosaurus Ditto here. I keep jumping around with simulations I have on my pc. Having so much fun. Actually told myself I was only going to play 4 for the coming year and I still don’t have the time to put into them like I want to. I can only imagine it will get worse considering some of the games I see coming down the pipe as well as DCS F/A-18C etc. Great time to be a flight simmer.

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Now, now, we don’t want to scare him off! Maybe we’ll start him in something a little easier, like the 109.

you sick ■■■■■■■, making him think the 109 is easy


Don’t forget to turn on the infrared jammers :wink: nothing says dangerzone as much as a stinger exploding danger close.

First flight in a fully loaded T-Frog right into a combat zone. Kudos for such a fast learning student :wink:

I suspect he kept in range of enemy AAA extra long so he didn’t have to bother landing the bird :smiley: