Tonga, volcano tsunami

thoughts go to the people out there


We got a tsunami warning for the NZ east coast - probably far enough away that it won’t be serious but there has been damage to moored boats already and the swells will be unpredictable for a few days.

We were planning a trip to the coast this morning to watch the waves spin up by Cyclone Cody but we’re probably skip that now, they’ve been evacuating coastal camping grounds etc.


I wonder how busy that area is on MSFS right now


Thanks to the NOAA GOES satellites we have some amazing views of the size of this eruption :eyes:

Here is the pressure wave crossing the US this morning.


Good news that the IR view didn’t cause a massive automated Nuclear War. :slight_smile:


Scott Manley has some good images etc here:


Could this have spewed enough material to put a pause in global warming?

I hope there weren’t any ships around…!

Animated GIF

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So does Stanislaw Petrov

If anything then maybe for one year. But it doesn’t look like it at the moment.

Anyone else read Neal Stephenson’s recent ‘Termination Shock’? That covers a lot of geo-engineering. I didn’t really enjoy it, but as per Stephenson, he comes up with some good story doohickey’s.

The Tonga stuff looks pretty serious - the images here show how grim things are:

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Most scientists say it is probably shy of what’s needed to make a dent.

Yeah, the scale of global warming is massive.

Sulphur is the answer… :slight_smile: