Tornado - Low level TFR Fun

Hi All,

Just joined the forums so I thought I’d get my first post in. :wink:

Had some fun recently in the Just Flight Tornado. It was my first try using the Terrain Following radar during a flight. I set the autopilot to the TFR at 200ft and around 635kts. Thought I’d share some screenshots of the flight.


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I’ll update that so you can do more at once - it’s just an automatic spam protection thing on new users and those tornado pics are the opposite of that! :smile:

Thanks fearlessfrog. :smiley:


did you have some flight plan to follow? I mean did you recreate some real mission form the gulf or just free flight to test the TFR?

Not following any specific mission plan Nevo, I just followed a flightplan from a coastal airbase in Saudi Arabia to central Iraq.

Beautiful screencaps Nemoyo. Thanks.


No worries - and welcome to Mudspike!