Total Controls Button Box I Want I Want I Want

Total Controls Button Box

My VR Braille-Pit dream come true - with a gear handle!

No observable life in this yet however. At some point I’m going to have to get my soldering iron out if something like this doesn’t hit the market soon, at a reasonable price.


Would really like this but as me and @AndyE were discussing just now, a more vertical design akin to how the TM MFD’s stand would be preferred for these UFC buttons.

Perhaps two units, an angled UFC section like an MFD and then the lights and handles as a small module that “clips” onto the aft end of the TM WH throttle.

Right now I only see a convenient mount my ditching the keyboard and having it in front of me.

I really like the look of that. I have a bit of a franken-setup and have a place in front of me that it would fit perfectly. I would agree with wes that having it upright would be good but could make it work as it is. I’ll be keeping an eye on this.

Yeah, I would probably re-arrange things differently myself; maybe gear & hook levers on the side; add a COM 1/2, List, AA,AG button along the top for Viper…oh my…

Need a ‘Lego’-like system; individual ‘blocks’ that can be plugged in to a ‘bus’-like structure…just don’t know how to do that - what parts would be needed.

I did something similar with my setup.

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