Total War: Warhammer

My teenage son is crazy for the WH (Game’s Workshop figures paint everywhere in his ‘pit’) franchise, so he picked this up. It’s an interesting direction for the Total War franchise, as most of the time I ever spent with it was either Roman’s or trying to zerg castles. The sea battles of Empire we’re pretty good, but apart from that it’s been a while for me.

Anyone else picking it up?

One of those 360 degree gameplay videos. Kinda neat…

Yeah i bought it. Looking forward to it actually.

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Picking it up when its 75% off. I don’t know who’s running the marketing show at SEGA, but $67 for a videogame is overpriced

Well i have been playing and its good fun at the moment. I don’t think the game is overpriced, as i can see quite a bit of longevity in it. But of course mileage and value for money will be different for everyone so i totally understand people not liking the price point. Though all games now are seemingly expensive, even the ones i don’t like.

With the mod to play coop, this could be quite good fun. But my vampire campaign is going ok. However i am sure my lack of understanding and skill will see me kerb stomped soon…

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Yeah, my son’s report after 6 hours of play and throwing him off his PC late last night was that it was (wait for it) ‘Good’. Perhaps he’ll be a writer or a poet one day? :slight_smile:

I saw the 20% sale offer here (use the code WAR20 and it’s a Steam key):

It’s nice because the ‘pre-order DLC’ actually is included for a week after release, which is a good move as reviews can be read first etc.

Stuck quite a few hours into it now. First few play throughs were brutal. I totally messed up my diplomacy and combined with a poor show of force i quickly became the stomping boy of a few factions.

Not much better at it now but i have managed to make it to the start of the end game mechanic (by no means the end of the game, just not giving away spoilers). And so with this new end game mechanic a huge shift in world wide diplomacy is moving forth which is keeping me on my toes.

I can see many hours of fun in this… until the f18 comes out of course… well maybe the f5 if i cant wait too long.