Touch Portal

I’ve been wanting another tablet recently, and this gave me a partial excuse to nab a good one and perhaps enhance my fun in MSFS (possibly other games. Would this work in Elite Dangerous?

First the tablet (arriving on monday)

Then tha’ software:

And what I hope to do, if MSFS does not screw meh’

(Wish me luck!)


But what about in VR? :slight_smile:

tapping fish tank GIF


I would imagine so, he talked about it just using virtual key-presses for MSFS so it should work for ED through the same method.

Seems like a neat utility, I’ll likely grab it as well! Looks like a great alternative for a streamdeck, especially if you already have a tablet you can use.

I’m curious as far as its use for DCS for UFC inputs, etc. If I can get some free time this week, I’ll grab it and post back with my findings.

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Hmmmmmm… I fly for fun in VR, and learn systems in flatland…

It’s just easier to stop and look up something in flatland.

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Tjssss. Brings back memories about my A10 Ipadpit app I made 10 (!) years ago for the DCS A10. I used a touch portal kinda tool voor this. Got in contact with the deveroper and managed to get it display the live MFD’s on the portal… was not bad to get this working as the first interactive DCS app. :innocent:

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I remember those - they were great. What was the commercial one, something like iControl for DCS?

Yep, it’s still going, always liked that, it worked well:

Looks like a few, including for the Harrier etc

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Yes iControl DCS, that’s the one that went commercial. He managed to get it more user friendly than what I made.

Touch Portal looks great but you might also want to check out the MATRIC App …

There’s already a lot of good looking templates from the community that you can download …

I remember that…!

I’m 54 years old and I’ve never owned a iAnything. :slight_smile:

Apple products look great and all but I’ve always been an open architecture guy.

If I were a pilot though, I’d definitely have to get an iPad for ForeFlight. They don’t support Android devices.

Finally got back to this and set it up.

Seems ok, so far.

Other resources are needed though, and locating them may be a bit obscure, so I will link them all.

Instructions for setup!

This is a nice general setup:

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