Track Hat

Hey do any of you guys have the Track Hat? If so, is it worth buying, bearing in mind it’s half the price of the Track Ir.

I’ve got a TrackIR 5 coupled with a wireless DelanClip.

Hard to know if TrackIR is superior. It does what it says on the label but admittedly they’ve just sat on their laurels for a long time without making any new versions and keep charging the same high price for the kit.

It’s quite possible that the Track Hat guys have worked out how to make something just as good for half the price. Ultimately it’s not a very complex piece of hardware.

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Has anybody tried smartphone apps like this one? Works on a USB wire, so should be low latency and a good use for that old phone in the drawer.

Edit: here’s one that has no entry cost:


Delanclip is great. I would still be using it but for my reverb g2