TrackHat Sensor

something new coming

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Pardon my ignorance but how is that “first of its kind” (they say so on that site)?

That totally looks like the TrackIR 5 that I have been using for the last 15 years or so.

I mean: sure, a tiny bit larger FOV (52 vs 51) and 200Hz instead of 120 but IIRC it uses the OpenTrack software so if it isn’t massively cheaper than trackIR I don’t see the wow factor.

Edit: numbers corrected.

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I think it’s a stretch to call it first of its kind, but great to see that someone is picking up the ball that TrackIR dropped.


A word of caution. If you cat decides to gnaw on the reflectors, it can really mess things up…personal experience. :scream_cat:


Haha, yeah. My TrackIR hat reflectors also got gnawed on. :smiley:

We should start a support group. :slight_smile:

Seriously, over the years you spend a non-insignificant amount of money on cat toys and what do they prefer? Plastic Coke bottle caps and TrackIR reflectors.

They are the “cardboard box the toys came in” of the pet world.

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you got the numbers. and regarding the prices, if I read it correctly this is circa 50% of the comparable trackir5 set price.

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seems like TrackHat Sensors started to be shipped to customers (1-2 weeks back orders)

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