TrackHat vs DelanClip - Ditching the TrackIR

Delan clip all the way. Much sturdier than the track-ir clip. run it off a USB battery pack that you’ll only need to charge once a week.


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OK…so I have a TrackIR for which the reflectors have been “disturbed” (cat munched on them a while back). From this thread, it is obvious that the reflectors need to be replaced by…

:thinking:…something other than reflectors…

There is TrackClip Pro…but I don’t use a head set…but it is from Nature Point so I assume works with the TrackIR camera


Delan Clip … but its site says:

This set is best for those who own a PS3 Eye Camera (or other – recommended list here) You need to know how to convert it for better IR light receiving,

…which I would also need to get? and still need a head set (or the more than a little bit goofy looking) head band thing.


Replacement clip

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A few months ago I bought a USB rechargeable battery for this very purpose of powering an old (broken) TrackIR Pro Clip. I got the Anker PowerCore+ mini.

Unfortunately, this power device won’t recognize an external device that draws <1 amp, so it shuts off after about two minutes.
Anker does sell a PowerCore Light 10,000 for $34 that is made for low-amp devices such as blue tooth ear buds, that may work.

Anybody know of a simple 2x AA or AAA battery pack that I could use instead?


I’ve been using this Duracel for 8 years now.


The Duracel works great!