TrackHat vs DelanClip - Ditching the TrackIR

My TrackIR 3 pro has been doing valiantly for a good 14 years now, and it’s time for an upgrade. I probably won’t be going to a VR capable system anytime soon so I’ve opted for a TrackHat or a DelanClip.

Does anyone here have experience with these options?

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I used the Delan clip, before I got into VR. Gave it away to my brother though…
The Delan clip was great. There’s also a battery powered track clip. I’ll look it up for you.


Cheers! I found these two and either looked quite interesting. Trackhat has a rechargeable track clip if that’s what you are talking about?

More expensive option, but one i’ve been contemplating. There is some screen size concern though. Interested if anyone has one.

Three IR leds, a battery pack, and an old hat and you can make your own trackhat. I built one years ago for use with freeheadtrack, but I never liked their software. The hat works extremely well though. Another option, is to glue the LED’s to a track clip so it’s not reliant on the IR reflection and instead is a positive emitter. That also works really well.

@TheAlmightySnark, I used the Delan clip with a TrackIR 5.
The battery powered clip I got to try was this one. Again, with TiR5.

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I plan on getting a PS3 eye camera to replace the old TIR3, which one of those clips had your preference?

I bought this and have had a great experience. I picked it up because it is wireless and works with TrackIR. Bart is also working on a newer version.

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The Delan clip was really sturdy and well made. The battery powered one was good as well, and had the benefit of having no cord.
If I would buy one today, I think I’d get the delan clip and make my own battery from a USB power bank.


Great device…i strongly advice it…i bought it to replace my failed utc device (after two years of use and many drop that destroyed it).
Utc mkII was a great device as well, but I found the delanclip fusion to be bigger (so bigger battery and better ps3eye detection) and sturdier.
Also the shipment from uk to italy was faster then from Poland.
Anyway both are far better then the original trackclip

So Delan Clip offers a battery powered option now? Cool!

yes they offer it two versions…apparently only differing for the color (black or green) I bought the green one because it costed 10 pounds less.
I can live with a green device :slight_smile:

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A bit confused. I’ve had my TrackIR for a while. Everything was fine until one of my cats decided to gnaw on the reflectors. I’ve tried to “repair”.

For some reason it has totally messed up my look left. Looking right is a normal head rotating around the center line look. Looking left shows my head doing an impossible contortion - moving about a half a foot to the left and then turning…which it isn’t doing.

I’ve worked up an asymmetrical Yaw profile that tries to “capture” the initial left look and ramp it way up so that it never gets to the contortion point…some success but it gets really wonky inside a DCS cockpit.

I was going to just get some more TrackIR reflective tape and turn an old baseball cap into a new head tracker but if there s something better out there…I still have too many questions about VR to make the jump just yet.

Are these DelanClip things separate or do you need a TrackIR camera?

They are a better substitute for the Track Clip Pro, which has 3 LED. Using a LED Clip gives better tracking, compared to the passive reflective clip.
You need a TiR camera, or a web camera and a facetrack software.

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I use a ps3 eye…but you can use it with the original track ir or with any webcam…obviously trackir and ps3eye guarantee the best results

Why don’t you just add some reflective things over the old reflectors?
I mean maybe it’s not a definitive solution, but at least you buy yourself some more time to choose the replacement.

I originally thought of that, but I think the cat also knocked off the alignment of the reflector frame…either that or the way I’m wearing the ball cap is out of whack. My initial idea was to justly a simple, blank ball cap, but new reflectors and attach them to it.

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Solid reasoning.

Cheers for all the input, I now have a pretty good idea on what to get!

After trying reflective tape replacement therapy I bought a new Track Clip from Natural Point and my head turning problems were solved.

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