TrackIR Update 5.3.0

TrackIR doesn’t seem to change much over the years, but recently (not sure when) they’ve updated to a new version of 5.3.0.

You can download it here:

The big thing for me about this update is that you don’t have to run the client app with Admin permissions anymore. As I often forget to start the client app before a sim, this is good because I can now do the following:

  • Add the TrackIR shortcut to my start-up folder. Example in Win10 on where that lives:

C:\Users\(YourUsername)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

  • Then right-click on the short-cut, go to ‘Properties’ and then change start-up to 'minimized, e.g:

Where it used to require Admin, the ‘elevate’ used to bother me, but now it can all happen at start-up without pop-up dialogs.


Do you need to spell minimized wrong for it to work? :smile:

It reboots on install – back up your profiles, first.


TrackIR could use multiple key assignments for the basic Pause and Center stuff – I’d like to have these functions from both my mouse and stick. And an integrated mic like the Zalman Z-1 element would be nice, eliminate the mic cord.

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Windows 10 Canadian Language Pack Eh? :bear:

I can prove it, because look what happens when I ask Cortana her favorite vehicle:



I have the ability to assign multiple keys for hotkeys on my list of features I’d like to explore. If you have any other feature requests feel free to send them to me through our helpdesk at I’d love to know what else you all think should be added.


I’m on TIR 3 & Vector Expansion and I’m still missing Assetto Corsa in the Games list although it’s advertised for the latest software version.