Traffic add-on for FSX...?

I’m pretty late to the game on this one. I’m looking for an AI traffic add-on for FSX (Steam Edition) and am not having much luck at wading through the options. I don’t really want to go with a difficult to configure free option, and would rather spend some money on a retail package…but I don’t know what to get.

I can get the JustFlight Traffic X for around $16 right now on sale…but it doesn’t have the most stellar reviews.
Traffic 360 is their newer product…but is closer to $36…not really wanting to spend that much…(edit…actually it is on sale now for $14.50 at SimMarket…)

The other option I guess is Ultimate Traffic 2 by Flight1 and MyTraffic 2013 by Aerosoft. Kind of a whirlwind of options and I’m trying to sort it out…

Any opinions?

Well, being impatient - I went with Traffic 360 because it appears to offer more within the realm of general aviation and regional type traffic. I don’t much fly the heavy jets…so having some action at some of the smaller airports will be nice. I’ll let ya’ know what I think about it…

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I have Ultimate Traffic 2 and while it puts traffic in the skies, I haven’t been that impressed with it. It’s had some annoying crashes and bugs. Just looked at Traffic 360, pretty cool, I look forward to your impressions of it.

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Hi, I have 360, its good but I have found that if i have it turned up too high, It seems to generate 2 aircraft very close together. not sure if my bgl files are messed up, as have taken it out and put it back in with the same problem. I also occasionally get out of memory also if its on 75-100%

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Thanks for that. I haven’t tried it out yet…but good info on the overlapping aircraft. I’ll install it today and report back…

I’d be curious to hear your detailed impressions of the add-on, but I feel like good AI traffic without a good AI ATC is kinda moot. How well does Traffic 360 handle this?