Trainsim world March madness ending in a few hours

Don’t forget the march madness sale is ending in just a few hours. It’s possible to get TSW and four routes for just $20…

And single routes for from 30% to 60% off.


Is Train Sim World different from the other Dovetail Train series, as in, is this a reboot and different thing? I am lost in the world of trains… :train:

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So apparently they make two train sims, with the Train Sim World the unreal engine reboot, with fancy graphics but not so much content, while the Train Sim 2019 is still being updated each year and is the thing with all the routes etc. I bought Train Sim like 5 years ago or something, but it looks like they just updated the base game each year for free, so that’s nice.

Trainsim World is the long-needed graphical update of the franchise to modern levels:

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