Transparent Wood

You’ve heard of Transparent Aluminum and how it came to be a reality. Well, now we have transparent lumber:

So your windows may be shatter proof, although they may be flammable.

Can you work then with traditional carpentry after they are transparent? So much potential.

Seems like a potentially cool backyard experiment.


Interesting. So flamables cabinets are built of wood versus metal specifically because of how they transmit heat. A piece of wood can be on fire on one side, and room temperature on the other side. Very handy if the side away from the fire is full of bottles of ether and acetone for example. It would be double handy to be able to actually see the bottles through the wooden door.

I am very intrigued and can think of all kinds of uses for transparent wood. Any where you need impact resistant glass, just put transparent wood for example.

This I have never heard of. Of the ones I know of they are metal construction but consists of two separate layers with either only an air gap or with a fibre filled gap.

Examples are made by a company called JustRite in the US, the EX and EN series.

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Yep. Heard of this a while ago. Kind of interesting, sort of like transparent aluminum, graphene and other weird materials they’re coming up with.

The only reason I was familiar with them is being a lab assistant years ago. Here’s a quick break down on wooden flammables cabinets.

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