Triple Monitors in DCS

Are any of you fine folks using triple monitors in DCS? I was using triple monitors with 3 viewports, but I’m finding in multiplayer sessions my machine is struggling to stay above 45FPS and I was getting frequent screen freezes. By moving the monitor settings in the menu to 1 monitor at 5760x1080 I resolve the screen freezing issues (albeit at some stretched viewing on the side monitors which I can live with), but my comms menus and map tool set are on the far right and left screen. Does anybody know what lua settings might be able to be adjusted (and what values) to get those things back on the center screen?

I’m not at my gaming computer right now, but I have been using triple screen with DCS for a few years now. There is a way to set up your “GUI viewport” in the monitor configuration lua file to place all of the comms and “info” text on the center screen. I don’t remember the exact format, but I can copy it down once I’m back at home later today.

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That would be great and I appreciate the share!

Here is the code that you need to add to the Monitor Setup-up lua. I just made a copy of the 1Camera found in DCS/Config/Monitorsetup and added in the Gui code at the bottom using notepad++ ( ) Once you have the file, startup DCS and select it in the options menu.

Gui =
x = screen.width / 3;
y = 0;
width = screen.width / 3;
height = screen.height;

UIMainView = Gui

Here is my file for anyone who needs it. Unzip and drop into the monitor setup folder.
1Camera (432 Bytes)

Thanks! That works beautifully!

Hey wingman1387,

Are you on the current beta? If so, have you lost the input devices on your control page? I lost mine and it seems like when I restore the DCS Input folder I get them back, but as soon as I select your file in the options menu I’m losing the input devices for some reason.

Very strange. As far as I am aware the monitor setup file should have nothing to do with the controls setup. However, I have not yet updated; haven’t had time to play DCS lately. I’ll update and check for any strange control behavior.