Trouble getting bandits in AA engagement scenario using mission editor DCS 1.5

This is DC 1.5 mission editor

I have made some user missions and as far as i can tell I have done it right.
But I never see the enemy planes that I have setup on the map.

For the enemy planes -Bandits
Hidden on map box unchecked.
Late activation box unchecked
Some planes start their route in the air at 12:00 with a route that takes about 45 minutes to fly through all waypoints.
Some planes start their route from a base at 12:00 and as per the information on the waypoints, won’t come in to the engagement zone till 12:10 - 12:15 - 12:20

For the Human player and AI Wingman
Hidden on Map box unchecked
Late Activation box unchecked
Take-off time is 12:00 from bunker and by the time \I reach the runway and in the air approaching the combat zone it is 1210 (approx 5 minutes before first contact should appear)

When running the scenario, I have labels on and constantly searching the area and beyond. Since I know the altitude and the area, I should be able to spot them on radar.but never see them. In fact i ran the scenario and was in the sky till 12:40 and not one bandit spawned.

I also just ran the scenario by watching the map and no bandits spawn. Since nothing is hidden I figure I would see the bandits on the map when they are enroute…

I have no triggers.set,
Can’t understand why I cannot see any bandits.
The bandits are AN-26B, YAK-40, IL-76MD, Su-27 and MIg-21.

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Hey @jack72, can you upload the mission here so we can take a look at what’s wrong? If the mission file is small, you can directly upload it here by dragging the .miz file into a reply.

If it is saved at the default default location, you’ll find it under C:\users\Jack\Saved Games\DCS(.openbeta)\missions

Just to be sure, can you head on over to the options (cog wheel at the top when you’re in the main menu), then head over to gameplay options and then tell us which of the five radio button options you have selected under ‘F10 View options’?

Thanks Sryan,
I will do that tomorrow…as I want to watch the Stanely cup finals…
Speak to you tomorrow,

The radio button that is selected is "All’… the rest of the buttons are not checked.
Also, under presets, “use these option for all missions” is checked.

Here is the mission…
B Radar SST TWS ver 3.miz (7.3 KB)

Hey Jack, when I opened this mission I noticed all the bandits did have the late activation box checked. Removing that should fix this.

I was pretty sure they weren’t but I will recheck

Just curious what does late activation do and why would you need it. How long is the delay when late activation box is checked…???

If the late activation was checked on the bandits, and mine is checked as well, would we be flying around the same time?

It allows you to activate the group with a trigger or script, like after a certain amount of time or upon destruction of another group.