Trouble with control profiles

Hi all, I bought a new PC and a new Logitech x-56. Brand new DCS install, finally loaded all my modules. I wanted to load a friend’s X-56 lua files (stick and throttle) into F16 Sim, but I’m stumped.

If I load them in DCS, none of the assignments seem right. Even setting back to default doesn’t look right, with almost none of the throttle buttons registering any inputs. Being a brand-new install of DCS, I don’t have any input folders for my aircraft under C:\Users\smith\Saved Games\DCS, and I don’t know how to:

create input folders for my different
get the copied lua files to load right

thanks for any help

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  1. Create input folders: simply bind a button in DCS settings to a device. Then the folder for the module (aircraft) and inside that, the file for the input device is created.
  2. Copy controls Lua files from another PC. The LUA files contain the name of the device type (e.g. Saitek X-56) and the unique identifier key of the device on your PC. This key is unique, and will change from PC to PC, from one stick to another and even when you reinstall Windows.

So in order to get the files from another PC to work, you need to replace this key in the file name with the one your PC has assigned to your specific stick. How can you find this? Many ways, but you can simply see it in the filename that was created in step one by binding a button to your own stick in DCS.

So make sure your friend’s files’ names are changed to the exact names of the files your DCS generates (assuming your stick is the same model), and then it should work.

We had a post somewhere on Mudspike with a script to do this with all input files at once: useful when migrating to a new PC or OS.

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Here it is.

Only click if you have some affinity with programming or hatred of manual work


Thanks @Freak !

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Hi @smithcorp

I too have an X56. After a year I have just about got it running right. You may look forward to a variety of issues as you use it. I found the following sorted it:

  1. Connect both throttle and stick to a powered usb.
  2. Unscrew the throttle base and follow the description I posted two days ago regarding removing the Logitech grease and then re-greasing. Well Done! A "pat on your back" thread! - #369 by Scoop

Mine now works very well.

Thanks Scoop. So far no problems. I have a powered hub for the throttle and the stick and rudder plugged into the PC usb 3 ports. No ghosting so far but that throttle requires more effort than the X-52 Pro (the grease I guess) but not intolerable.

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My experience is that the stiffness makes helicopter collective and jet AAR impossible, for me at least. I wish I had sorted it as soon as I bought it. If you are in the UK I expect I could let you have some Nyogel767A which totally removes the problem. Glad you have a powered USB. Without one I found all sorts of interesting control selections were made without any input from me. Gear up on final and hook down in the cruise , flap down at vfe. Engine to off in the cruise in the Huey particularly concentrated the mind.