Try the Keyboard Shortcuts

A bit of a weird meta post, but I’ve recently just started to use the forum’s keyboard shortcuts and am loving it. Wanted to spread the word. :smile:

On the menu on the top right, the ‘three lines’ (called the Hamburger menu by consensus of the Millennial generation, sigh…) at the bottom is a reminder screen for ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’. It looks like this:

So here’s how I use it. I go to ‘Latest’ from the home page by hitting two keys in sequence:

g l

Once there I move the ‘cursor’ up/down using the keys (these are vital - you’ve got to try these):

k / j

I then can open a post by hitting ‘Enter’ or by pressing:


Once I seen it I can just go back to where I was with a quick press of (think of it as ‘up’ I guess):


If I’m reading a post (and have it selected with those j / k up-down keys) I can hit:


to reply, or if I like it but haven’t got much to say just hit this to Like:


If I get a wee blue icon over users, as in I have a notification, then I can hit this to see it (p for profile I guess):


If I forget what the keys do I can just hit this key:


Easy, and I prefer not having to take my hands off the keyboard sometimes. Give it a go.


Hmm…I’ll see if I can find the keyboard combination that deletes the entire site. You know I will on accident right?


You can’t tell me what to do! You’re not my real mom!

But seriously, that’s fantastic!

g,n and g,l are my fav so far

l l l l l l

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Actually, just realized - we could do a HOTAS binding. TMS FWD LONG = hit the like! :wink:


Mudspike - the first forum to fully support your Thrustmaster Warthog


TMS RIGHT SHORT to bookmark a post, DMS LEFT LONG to share a post. Oh the posibilities :smiley:

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OK, who’s going to start working the VR profiles?

I’ve got my ButtKicker wired to vibrate when I get a notification.

Left MFCD –

Right –


Hamburger? Mustard? Where’s the Ketchup command??

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Periodic reminder that the keyboard shortcuts here are really useful.

Go to latest or new. Press ‘j’ to select a message (j/k are like cursor keys and I’m not joking), press Enter to read it, press ‘u’ to go back up. Repeat. Even hit ‘l’ for like if you like it but haven’t got much to say.



I just jkukl’d.


OMG! Teh keyboard shortcuts are OP! Nerf them!!!11one!eleven!

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No, the keyboard shortcuts for the website I’m not paying any money to use are way too inaccurate and way too low in resolution for my own personal liking and preference, based on an arbitrary scale I just made up, and I demand an immediate refund of the money I haven’t spent on this site, and further I will start a new thread each and every day expressing how the shortcuts are running my experience, until such time that I get a personal apology from Bill Gates, in the form of an interpretive dance of my journey as a fight simmer.



*Extra characters to validate my body type.
Of which I’m really proud of.
And don’t call me fat.

I’m… thick boned.*

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So, no “key-shaming”?

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I’m glad he didn’t post the old CTRL+ALT+DEL trick. I fall for it every time. But at least I didn’t shut my computer down like this guy once did…

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I actually met David Bradley, the engineer who came up with three fingers salute, a couple of times; he guest lectures every now and then at State- he’s fond of saying he invented it, but Bill Gates made it famous. Really, really funny guy.

@BeachAV8R you just did it again.
Just so you know- next time we fly-in or anything I’ll be killing you.

And then be sorry and shameful.


Well…first you’re gonna have to catch me - because Wags and Leatherneck are gonna let me test THIS…!

Fox Three!