Trying to get back to IL2 -1946

Many years ago I had IL2 -1946 with a few of the addons such as Pacific Fighters, Battle over Europe.
I want to get back into it and see now that this game as progressed to some other level.

Where would be a good path to go to find out what is the most comprehensive route for the most single player missions in different theaters and time periods.

Would like everything from the Spanish Civil War right up to the most current air battles that IL2 can be modded to. (hopefully you don’t need a computer engineering degree to install mods to that level).

Also I see there is BAT and SAS…are they compatible with one another, and if not which has the most to what I am looking for.

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Mods can be had À la carte and as full mod packages such as BAT, UPRC4. and HSFX. You have to read the install instructions very carefully since they all are not built using the same official patch levels.

Patching Guide:

Installing HSFX.

Start the game and play.

The other mod packs will require different builds to play since the mod packs will not work together.


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