Tupolev Tu-154 released for X-Plane

Mmmm…that looks deliciously complex…

Meet the legendary Tupolev-154M!

The Tu-154 is the most successful and popular Russian aircraft of the Soviet era. From its first flight in 1968 this aircraft became the most flown in the USSR and in surrounding countries. 918 Tu-154 were built and some of them still remain in service today.

This model represents a detailed study-simulation of the real Tu154 with all of its systems, performance and flight dynamics. This X-Plane model is designed from original documents, blueprints, videos and personal consultations of many people, including pilots, engineers and ground crews. The real Tu154M reg. No 85748 from Belavia Airlines was used as a reference

Comprehensive Systems

Very comprehensive systems, made as close as possible to the real Tu-154
Working TCAS with TA/RA mode
Working EGPWS with "Terrain ahead" warning mode
Resizable 2D panels

Detailed modeling

Fully functional 3D cockpit
Fully animated external model with ground crew
Dynamic HDR lighting

Menu System

Nav menu
Service menu: Load / Weight Management
Doors. ladders, ground c
Views, Checklist, etc ..

Bilingual cockpit

Switch from Russian to English with one click

Comes with 9 high-resolution liveries and a Paint Kit


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I want the contract for that green cockpit paint.

Someone has a sweet Dacha on the Black Sea…


I really like this airliner. Had the chance to be a passenger on it 10 years ago. Feels totally different to a Boeing or an Airbus…