Turning trees off in DCS 2.5?

I can’t find anything after searching online so I’m presuming it’s not possible but thought I’d ask here in case anyone had an .ini tweak (does it even use .ini files?).

Can’t trees be set to 0% in graphics settings?

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No, I mean totally off rather than making the render bubble smaller. Just looking for any way I get get some FPS back to fly again.

Trees are now collidable so I guess you just cant turn them off.

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Ah I see, thanks for the info.

You can clear out pretty much everything with a trigger point in the mission editor, but that would be an awfully big trigger point and would probably take a half-hour to process at the start of your mission.


It almost takes that long to launch the sim into a mission, even training etc… Over 5 minutes anyway lol

This has been broken for a while now; when I last checked, neither the remove nor destroy triggers were working.

What are your system specs?
And particularly, is DCS running from a HDD?

Running DCS from even a modestly quick SSD will make a drastic improvement in loading times, you don’t have to break the bank for a Samsung Evo for example. WD Blue and Kingston SSDNow series are very cheap - the Samsung Evo’s aren’t even that pricey anymore.

If Windows is running from a HDD and DCS is also on the C-drive then you will absolutely have terrible loading times. Getting DCS on a separate drive alone will make a difference if you have a spare HDD and cannot buy a SSD for it.


Well isn’t that just peachy…just another thing to hit in my Viggen :grimacing:


Viggens can withstand certain plant based abuse…
Remember when I mentioned that airshow incident? The Viggen that cut trees at a shade under 2 m height, in an upward slicing motion…! Had to belly in, but any landing you can walk away from…


Not trees but I found some tweak for clutter which also saves some FPS. Here :


Completely remove useless clutter

Download this file and extract it to your DCS Saved Games/Config Folder:
Remove Clutter Config File (Will not mess with your options.lua file)

Alternatively you can edit the file yourself here:
Setting clutter in-game to 0, doesn’t completely remove them. Doing this will gain some FPS.

Go here:
C:\Users[YOUR USERNAME]\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config\options.lua

Change these settings to -150000
[“clutterMaxDistance”] = -150000,


Thanks Nevo. I’ve just the other day uninstalled 2.5 as it is a total slideshow and takes around 5 to 8 minutes to load a mission! I know it should be on an SSD but I don’t have that option. I still have 1.5 installed so I’ll try these tweaks in that first as even that runs with lags. Everytime i reinstall 2.5 I get my hopes up that it might magically be ok.

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