Tweakguides is Closing Soon

Real shame - I’ve been a fan and follower since Windows XP and bought a couple of his ‘legendary’ tweak guides for Windows, but the site is closing a lot earlier than planned.

He has selflessly provided a download link of a complete archive of all his work - well worth keeping in your virtual back pocket.

It’s too late to save this site, but you can still benefit from the previous work.

For a bit more background, you could read his site update from 19th October and then 27th October, to see where he is coming from (and potentially going to).

I, for one, am going to be lost without his no bullshit updates and information.


Depending on how his robots.txt are set up for his site most of the site could be saved at the Internet Archive using their save page option.


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He has provided a link to download the entire site from Mega. He has also provided a link to download his Far Cry 3 tweak guide, which was the reason he fell out with nVidia after they had been sponsoring his site for a while (under condition he didn’t have to favour them in his reviews and articles) - they didn’t stick to their side of the bargain, so he dumped them.

Koroush is really a top bloke. He speaks his mind and won’t be easily swayed if he doesn’t think it’s right. He’s done such a huge amount for the gaming community over many years - I doff my cap to the guy and wish him well.

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