Twist grip flight stick recommendations

Anyone have a recommendation for a twist grip stick? My Cobra is starting to wear after about 7 years, and I’m looking at upgrading a bit. At the moment the VKB Gladiator NXT EVO “Space Combat” Premium is the front runner. I am open to other suggestions however, the reviews on the NXT seem good particularly for the price point.

I’m after something that can be used free standing (not clamped or mounted), has a twist grip, throttle, and preferably plenty of buttons.

Thanks in advance!

I can’t vouch for it, but I did briefly consider a Gladiator NXT EVO ‘F-14 Combat Edition’ until I decided it was a bit pricy for something I would only ever use with the ‘Cat’ in DCS.

However if your research matches mine then your front runner seems to fit the bill?

Pretty much the same here on the F-14 version, neat idea but limiting. And considering the grip alone is only about $40 cheaper than the whole stick, probably a no go.

I’ll give it a few days to see if anyone has a other opinions and then pull the trigger if I’m still set on it.

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The Virpil Alpha has a twist function, in addition to a thumbstick, scrollwheel and brake lever, plus a bunch of switches.
Can be used on either the WarBRD or CM3 base.
Pricey, but very durable equipment.

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can agree here with @troll the virpil alpha is a good stick, on the expensive side but worth it … have been using it for over a year

NXT EVO seems to be very good choice.

my squadmate has one of the pre EVO versions of Gladiator NXT and he is happy with it.

just adding this one to the pool. seems good bunch of controls on it


Cool! Haven’t seen that one before.

I had thought about Virpil, but the price is just more than I am looking to spend for this particular application. When/if I ever go about rebuilding my sim pit in the man cave… But that will be a few years down the road.

@NEVO thanks for the suggestion on the VelocityOne. I like that it has two sliders (not sure what I’d do with the second at the moment, maybe nozzle angle for the Harrier?), and the touch pad really intrigues me! I need to watch some more reviews to see how usable the touch pad is, it might be a nice solution for view control.

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Out of pure curiosity, are you using the twist axis in lieu of rudder pedals, or to supplant them?

X56 as well. I am always harping about the stick so I don’t wish to be a nuisance. But it is a twisty.

The twist grip is for the rudder. I have a full setup in the man cave, but I do most of my flying in my recliner next to my wife’s recliner.

@smokinhole I had thought about an x56 but I don’t have a good spot for the throttle on a HOTAS setup. I am debating making my own mini throttle I can clamp on my laptop tray. A couple of 4 way hats and a mini analog stick along with the throttle axis. One of those rainy day projects eventually.

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For those who like closure, I went ahead and ordered the VKB today. Should have it in about 1-2 weeks. I’ll put up a review once I get some time on it.


was thinking about it a little. did you checked VKB offering? seems like the smallest footprint on the market.