Two pilots talking about chick fil a sauce during deployment



Little editing and Chick-fil-A has brilliant commercial right there. Wonder if they don’t eat it Sunday’s to feel like more like home.

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Are we sure that isn’t edited audio? Reason I ask is that I thought comms with the boom operator was initiated when the boom hit the receptacle, and then disconnected when they come off the boom. Unless it was on some other discrete frequency. Just seems either like viral marketing or just someone putting together something funny.

@anon51893362 might have the gouge…

They are talking on AR freq. Which isn’t unusual. Unusual part is recording it (not normal at all since some type of wrigging is required) and then plastering it on the net.
The “secure” comm, interphone is rarely used…maybe it’s different on KC-10.


I’m actually fairly sure it’s the same system as your old girl

See we definitely need DCS: Tanker so we can simulate these conflict-defining philosophical conversations. How else are we to improve as a species, if we can’t practice the art of discussing fast food while refueling a jet fighter thousands of feet in the air?


I would give anything ANYTHING to make this a reality.

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A-6E with buddy pod. Just sayin’…


Well if you’ll give anything…
Then I suggest you play the lottery and forward all winnings to ED. I’m sure a multi-million dollar budget boost could get the ball rolling! (They won’t accept the bills for the tickets though!)

I’m very much hoping this becomes a reality. I would never get bored of that

Although a KC-10 with its cargo carrying capability would be soooooo much cooler to add another level to the refueling…but who am I kidding. Cant see it ever happening as that sort of stuff is just not exciting like firing mavericks at tanks…

I see tactical refueling as an easier goal to shoot for in the short term, just because the larger strategic assets are a hair more problematic to implement within the limited battlespace we have now. It’s too bad the A-4 team couldn’t get their buddy refueling pod to work without the radio, because that’d be a great way to trial run the whole concept.

All said and done though, I think a KC-10 wouldn’t be that difficult to make flyable.

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I can only hope the sim continues to grow and one day implements the transport and refuelling capabilities. It really would be a game changer on the multiplayer servers having the resupply logistics and refueling to consider.

I would happily sit in an A6 and perfect my racetrack while you guys do touch and goes on the carrier or strike package support. It’s much more exciting me for me on a personal level. But of course it’s not for everyone

At the core level, DCS doesn’t do a very good logistic simulation. Or at all, really. There are various workarounds and hacks, but by and large it’s a piece of the game that’s been abandoned for a while now. We can do certain things to create a pseudo supply system, but we can’t do things like have a cargo aircraft bring in fresh missiles and fuel to an airbase. Strangely enough, this can be done with the actual fighter aircraft… But few folks are willing to fly 40-50nmi from a rear base just to land and dearm at a front line base, then repeat the process when they could fly that 40-50nmi and bag a few kills or drop some bombs and get points.


The general public would be…fascinated the right word?..about stuff on various comm channels.

Did any of you guys catch the Fighter Pilot Podcast F-117 episode? If so, what did you think of the morall and esprit de corps motivational method of the refueler? :grin: Teamwork makes dreamwork :+1:


I mentioned I’d love to see it implemented in DCS :slight_smile:

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