Type of jack used on Roccat Kave 5.1 analog headset?

Hey Guys,

I was wondering if anybody knows what type of Jack is used in a roccat Kave 5.1 analog headset. I bought a 3.5mm stereo mic replacement and it did not work.

I was thinking that a replcement jack I bought from roccat that fit another headset but I was wrong. It came with a 2.5mm jack and it was the same type a stereo mic jack.

Could it be that the mic jack is a mono type jack or Proprietary style jack?

Hey Guys,

I was looking at the Roccat Kave Stereo headset and it appeared to have the same Boom mic plus the jack looked like the same one used in the 5.1 analog headset.

So Hopefully this is the solution to my issue. I am still trying to see if they make analog 5.1 headsets anymore?


really interested if you find something. I was asking myself the same question lately.

btw never heard before of your Roccat Kave 5.1 I have some cheap Creative hs. was wondering if something like 5.1 hs could make the change.

well I have looked high and low and all that seems to be out there anymore is the virtual surround sound. which has only 2 speakers but they use trickery to get it too 5.1.

I like the 5.1 headset because There is a .1 driver in the headset that keeps the bass in the headset plus with thee buttkicker and the surround as most games have been 5.1 for some time not sure why it never made a bigger impact and most users said it was just a gimmick…

IDK I love my 5.1 headset and it has seen better days but I will try to repiar it to some more level and just be delicate with it from now on haha!!

I, have solved the problem, I seen a Roccat Kave Stereo headset on Ebay for 29.99, so I bought it and the mic worked in my 5.1 analog headset.

It turns out the earfoam worked on my headset as well. plus if my headset breaks I might be able to transplant the 5.1 speakers over to the new headset which is like brand new.

the plug looked like an RCA jack or similar. so all is well but I have still not found any true 5.1 analog headsets… so the search continues…