Ugh, they're really trying to stretch that "Tom Clancy" moniker

Kinda makes me sick …


I’m with you. Need to read Red Storm Rising again. Been decades.

Edit: actually Kevin Miller’s Fight Fight is as good as vintage Clancy, IMO, but apropos to current events.

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Games for kids (specially if its a f2p game even better) is what is the goldmine in modern gaming industry.

Good for Tom, I guess :slight_smile:

Yes, this! Thought the same when I read Millers’ first one.


It really is disappointing. Made worse by how absolutely horrid Ubisoft is.


What do you expect from Bean Counters? Just like Dodge does with HEMI is how Ubisoft does with Clancy. Attaching a name shamelessly to make money. It is Sickening.
Other examples:
Ford Mustang. Really, that 4 cylinder is a Mustang same as a GT500? Shame on you!
GM Z anything with a Z on the name sells. Used to be reserved for the real performance stuff. Now a Z and a stripe will hype it up, drive up the price and the insurance.
And Yes, Mr Clancy is spinning in his grave and 10,000 RPM!

I remember reading a very interesting interview at Red Storm Entertainment (the real brain child of Mr. Clancy) during the study phase for the original Rainbow Six game.

How low his name has been dragged by Ubisoft.
Someone needs to buy back the rights and do things right.

So, do we pool money together? :wink:

I liked this. Well the first part at least.


Well, that’s how capitalism works.
Do whatever gives you most money.

No matter how many skulls you got to step on to make a buck.

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Somebody should really come up with a better alternative.

But isn’t TC himself responsible for whoring out his name? I was a fan. Loved all his stuff. Then I read a book that was titled “Tom Clancy’s (something or other)…” It was unreadable swill. TC claimed to be involved and probably he was. His name had become the goose that laid a golden egg monthly and he no longer needed to lift a finger. He could just kick back and make submarine noises in his swimming pool.

Good for him, though. As a business it was wildly successful. And he’s given us a legacy of unforgettable post-cold-war characters. But if there is any grave activity resulting from the branding of his name, it’s just as likely dancing as it is rolling.


For no surprise at all, see what they did with rainbow six siege. It started normal behavior and real skins plausible gagets etc. Now after popularity and what sell is customization, every one wants to be the unique guy with the unique gold/diamond/pink/… weapon and skin, its nowadays a stupid kidish game were what maters is how much aberrant you are and more fast you kill everyone in lonewolf style with your pink uniform in a gold weapon.

So this last game for me is completelly normal, completelly expected.

Sounds like work, though. :crazy_face:

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Ain’t that the truth… but it feels like it could be worth a try, you know for the future generations and all that jazz.

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Yep, this- I was coming here to say this. A LOT of the “Ops Center” and other properties from the '90’s were ghostwritten by other folks. And don’t even get me STARTED on the pretty awful book/ VERY awful video game that was “SSN.”

:rofl: Yeah I remember that game… In italian game magazined the review came with a typical italian proverb.

When something is useless we say “It made a hole in the water”.
A good translation in English would be a wild goose chase, but you can see why I prefer the italian version.

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