Ultrawings 2 The VR Flightsim game…

The sequel to Ultrawings VR is coming. Read @BeachAV8R’s review of the original here.

This time there are guns, and a heli…!


Looks like good fun :+1:


That looks like a blast, actually.


Yeah, like a WWII themed VTOL VR copy…

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Now in early access on Steam.

@smokinhole, is that your helicopter…?

No. That looks like a hybrid between the Mosquito, Helicycle and mini-500. Mine promises to be a bit bigger and 2-place.

How does it fly?

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I think all the aircraft in Ultrawings are hybrids, to avoid copyrights…
I have no idea how UW2 plays as my SimBox is being moved to the the new house, in pieces…
The original Ultrawings was a fun game though,