Ultrawings VR


Originally published at: http://www.mudspike.com/ultrawings-vr/

Grab your helmet (literally virtually!), strap in, and lets go for a ride across the vibrant Ultrawings VR archipelago with this Oculus Rift flying game… When I saw this title on sale for $16 (normal retail $24.99) during a recent Oculus Store sales event, I knew I had to at least give in a whirl.…


Stopped reading after " controllers are required" I will come back to it after we buy the new house that we still haven’t found yet and some cash becomes available :innocent:


I take it personally that you didn’t mention Pilotwings 64.
Beside that I’m impressed you managed such a nice review and didn’t have to mention Pilotwings 64.

So, yeah…


First thing I thought of when I saw the headline pop up was Pilot Wings.


Thought I picked this up but I didn’t. I’ll pass for now though it looks interesting. Way too much stuff in my library lately.


Thanks for the info - just bought this, Now I have a few new VR sim/games and no time to play them!