Unable to setup flight controls

Since the last DCS update I lost most of my flight controls and I have been unable to recreate them. I am using ThrustMaster Warthog HOTAS and TPR pedals. Some of the controls aren’t even an option in the control add screen. I am unable to setup even the most basic controls such as the rudder, wheel brakes and throttle controls. Even if they appear to be set up in the options screens, they don’t work on the plane. I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you.

Bill W.

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A repair might fix that.


Agreed with Aginor, it sounds like you might have some corrupted files. Run a repair and see if that helps.


I’ve noticed a couple of quirky things with the controls set up these last few updates. Repair should work. I also have had some success with shutting DCS down and doing a computer restart.

And welcome…

Welcome Bill,

Did you get this issue sorted out ? If not let us know and we will see what we can sort out for you.

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