Unbelievable Ornithopter Response

Wow! I have to rant for a minute because of people’s reactions regarding the release of the Dune ornithopter for MSFS 2020. I’m both amused and annoyed. Some users are claiming that FS is broken, garbage, no longer a sim, etc. The negative comments about the ornithopter are unbelievable. While I find them amusing and annoying, I’m really bothered by the personal attacks aimed at people who choose to fly and enjoy it. I’m able to ignore comments aimed at me but coming at other people gets me out of character. I’ve had to take a break from a few groups. I’m venting here because this is a great forum to share opinions and have great conversations.

The crazy thing is those people, who are complaining, are acting like the vehicle was forced on them despite it being an optional download. They don’t have to install it if they don’t want to, and I’m willing to bet some of those complaining the loudest haven’t even tried the darn thing. When will they accept that MSFS was designed for a wide audience and not just for them? Cheeseumbread, man. It’s not an extinction-level event.

Okay, got that off my chest. :grin:

I’d like to hear some level-headed, reasonable opinions about the ornithopter. Personally, I think it’s a cool add-on.


I haven’t read anything of the sort. Doesn’t surprise me though. There’s always going to be sad little lonely gatekeepers in any hobby, and I’ll be first to admit, that group includes me at times.

The Dune add-on seems pretty cool to me! Like the Pelican (Halo), I’ll probably fly it for a bit and enjoy it. It certainly got me hyped for Dune Part 2, hope it gets some Dune fans hyped for flight sims too!

I mean, if they were able to finish the books, an AH-64D manual should be a piece of cake (hides behind desk).


As I posted elsewhere, the Ornithopter (and Darkstar) are probably the only reasons I would buy MSFS.

My opinion is that for the ‘haters’ it is a reaction based on ignorance. They don’t like it and can’t understand why someone else does, therefore anyone who likes it is wrong and must be told so…

I ignore people like that.


Honestly I was more let down that I couldn’t fly around the dune scenery outside of the missions. My gripe with the ornithopter is that it’s too fast. Per the books and movies it shouldn’t be in F-15C territory speed wise. It’s different, it’s fun, and it’s free!


There was a similar response a couple of years back with the Halloween thing in dcs, with the skeleton as deck crew and pumpkin lights …

The problem with these fun sponges is it discourages the dev from doing any of the nice fun things.


This is why we can’t have nice things…


Some folks take the hobby, and themselves, way too seriously. I have not tried the Pelican. It doesn’t appeal to me but if someone else wants to fly it then it really doesn’t affect me in the slightest.


“Fear is the mind-killer.”


My take on it all is that these people may be looking at the first real previews of MSFS 2024 and its new mission structure, and don’t even realize what they’re looking at.

After all, how much difference is there between rescuing a downed pilot in an Arrakis sandstorm, and rescuing a trapped (place occupation here) from a mountainside or off of a burning oil rig in a copter…?

Even the craggy landscape of Dune strikes me as a possible first look at the more detailed rock features promised for MSFS 2024.

I’m eating it up!


I was so intrigued by the ornithopter that I learned how to fly ut and watched Dune for the first time. I love the concept. I’m open minded even if I’m not a huge Sci Fi Guy. To the haters… Get a life!


Thanks for sharing guys. I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees the ornithopter as a fun aircraft.
@Freak I think my mistake might have been joining a couple of FB simulation groups. That’s where most of the vitriolic comments are. Years ago, I left a certain site and came here because of the negative behavior. I can handle personal attacks and ridicule I just get in a certain space when people pee on other folk. Call it a character flaw I’ve had since childhood. :grin:

The Pelican is also cool but I kept crashing it for some reason. I think it was a configuration thing on my part. I haven’t flown it for quite some time because I’ve been island hopping in light GA aircraft.


MSFS is weird. I joined flightsimulator.com to track down some bugs only to find it to be a swamp of whiners and know-it-alls. My only complaint about the ornithopter is that it is everywhere in multiplayer and shows up as a very fast Bonanza. It’s fun! Asobo means “let’s play!” And that’s what MSFS is about. As soon as one begins to take it seriously, any magic that was there evaporates.


This makes me want to get MSFS. Seriously, it does. The 'thopter has dethroned the X Wing as coolest sci-fi craft.


Nope… Just, nope :stuck_out_tongue:


Agree… I am half a step away from finally purchasing MSFS.

All I need is one good sale, as cash is short thard right now.

As a side note: oh boy do I wish someone would make the ornithopter for DCS…


Them’s fight’n words!

Star Wars Game GIF by Xbox


I just did all 3 training missions and tried the rescue. This thread just coincided with interest days in the Orni. I think the Orni is an incredible piece of Flight Sim Art. I wish for real instruments and radios but I get it, it’s Sci Fi. I’m not big on Sci Fi but this gets my attention. I really enjoyed my time in it, I’ll fly it more. I even let out a few chuckles. It’s BIG FUN


@Harry_Bumcrack @komemiute

You will like it. It is a stunning piece of software, with or without SciFi stuff.


In a nutshell what are the differences between Standard/Deluxe/Premium deluxe versions?

Nevermind, got it… yeah it was easier to find than to ask, sorry :smiling_face:

In short :

  • The Standard 40th Anniversary Edition includes 37 highly detailed aircraft with unique flight models, 35 handcrafted airports, 4 classic commercial airports, 15 glider airports, and 14 heliports.

  • The Deluxe 40th Anniversary Edition includes everything from the Standard Edition plus 5 additional highly detailed planes with unique flight models and 5 additional handcrafted airports.

  • The Premium Deluxe 40th Anniversary Edition includes everything from the Standard Edition plus 10 additional highly detailed planes with unique flight models and 10 additional handcrafted airports.

That sort of stuff I don’t really like - but at least it’s coherent with all the latest releases of FSX…


Now that there is a robust addon market as well as freeware planes I would personally just get the standard unless one of the other two has something you just have to have.