Uncertain times

During the pandemic, with things going the way they are, I’m hoping that everyone of you is staying safe and being as prudent as possible.

Even in isolation/lockdown, there is no guarantee that you won’t be exposed by loved ones/family members.

Please everyone take care and if anyone tests positive to COVID-19 please let someone know, so that we can keep in contact & checkin with family, I’d hate to think we may lose any members and carry on without realising the loss.

If you have friends here that you are more comfortable sharing personal contact details with, emails, phone numbers or better yet a family members contact. If you do contract the virus it is doubtful your going to want to be sending emails…

Keep safe, and touch wood we all make it through to the other side.

Best wishes to all my fellow mud-spikers


I love this idea, perhaps someone could keep a list of these things. If @staff rather not be burdened, I’d be willing. I would need a secondant though, as a backup and a wingman.


I’m in @schurem. I’ll help you. I think it’s a great idea.


Ok, anyone who’s interested, PM their details and those of some next of kin to either me or @Victork2. We will collate and safely keep these only for the time this crisis continues. If one goes inactive for a long period, we’ll check up.

Sounds like a plan @gadget? @staff?

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I am unsure about the legality of keeping records of users of a website. It may put an increased responsibility on the site owner.
Let me check this before I can give a final answer.


Very well.

was thinking less of a complete listing & more like a buddy system
with no pairs ( you cannot be each others point of contact)
so that way nobody has all the details
if you and your buddy both become infected, then you should pass your buddies details along upstream to your alternate contact.

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There is that European law about data privacy that could relate to this (can’t remember the name: GDPR or something) … but I think (not a legal expert) that members volunteering to check on members is a personal matter. I don’t think that Mudspike could do it, but the users could likely self organize. I would recommend email.:slight_smile:


Yep. GDPR covers all commercial and domestic data protection. However information that is Voluntarily given is not covered.

Let’s put it this way to cover mudspike and indemnify the owners.

If anyone would like to send myself or @schurem some contact information freely and voluntarily in the event that someone goes off the radar for a period we can check up and find out status of members during the current crisis happening worldwide and ensure that people don’t get forgotten. Especially our older members who may not have friends or family nearby to update your online friends in the event that the unthinkable happens.

This is totally voluntary. You absolutely DO NOT HAVE TO DO THIS. Your details are safe and will only ever be used for the one purpose listed. If you want out just shout and they will be deleted of course.

@staff delete this post if not appropriate or suitable.


Yeah, I think it’s best not to involve Mudspike in this.
If individuals want to share info off site, that’s none of Mudspikes concern.


I agree. I’m not an expert in international law, and would rather not open up the site or me personally to any involvement. I love the idea, but would prefer it be done via either Private Messages that we are not witness to, or direct e-mail exchanges. Apologies for the overly cautious approach.


Users can also exchange information via Discord voice chat or via Discord PMs, thereby keeping the data off of Mudspike’s digital property.


I understand its a bit of a can of worms legally, so leaving mud-spike out of it is OK

My train of thought was purely on keeping tabs on the members in this unprecedented situation
people get seriously ill all the time, suffer heart-attacks, strokes, involved in accidents, etc. any number of variables that could lead to life threatening condition resulting in a person not being able to convey their status to peers/friends who may not know them personally beyond their avatar/handle.

Discord or Slack groups, web forums, Team Speak and other group discussion sites are numerous and varied, so a user may have any number of instances of these accounts and memberships, perhaps some of them more important to them than others.

Many of the other groups/sites I have contributed to, I have had mixed feedback from, whereas here I have been very fortunate in finding some very incredibly generous and knowledgable individuals who were happy to point me in the right directions and assist me without hesitation, for which I am very grateful.
I would hate to unknowingly lose any of those wonderful souls amidst these dismal circumstances we all find ourselves in. I’m a little biased, in that I find myself more concerned for the members here than some other sites.

There are no borders, there is no invisible barrier, some magical demarcation of safety. This is global
Everyone is at risk, please take care of yourselves and loved ones/ families & also, if possible, please make the effort to assist the elderly/at risk in your communities, even if its just a simple phone call to check up on them each day.


I’ve got some experience with the legalities of gathering contact data. Social Rosters at Navy commands. @BeachAV8R and @Troll are correct in that using 1-to-1 PMs is the best method. That keeps it a private conversation.

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