Under attack and landing. Should you continue landing?

Below is a situation that i find myself in alot. Getting attacked while in the process of landing. Did i do right thing? what else should I have done?

5 on 1. It is surprising you even got it on the ground in as good a condition as you did.
Outside of bailing out when you had some altitude I don’t see anything else you could have done.


Attacking aircraft in the landing pattern was a popular tactic in the real war too.
I guess it depends on how low you are, when attacked.
It’s a very precarious situation.

Every airbase should have AAA to scare off vulchers :slight_smile:

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Yeah i think that is really the only thing that could have saved the day.

Yes. You could have drug the attackers over and through the AAA umbrella and let the ground dudes take them out.

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My tactic in DCS World. Flee like the coward I am into the umbrella of friendly air defenses!


The consensus is flee, preferably into some AAA coverage, to live to fight another day…good advice, if you have the gas. :open_mouth:

I like the idea of fleeing to AAA.

Dont think i would have made it to the safety of AAA this time though!

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If I may…

… your most excellent questions seem to have a theme, essentially, “I was combat and got into a disadvantageous situation.”

Fortunately, you have come to a forum that specializes in providing advice for such queries. :slightly_smiling_face:

That said, since you are working IL-2 missions, I might suggest looking for books from WWII pilots that describe their experiences. I am not that familiar with the air war on the eastern front, so unfortunately I cannot suggest any. (perhaps other Mudspikers can) My early focus was the Pacific theater in WWII. “God is my Copilot” and “Baa Baa Blacksheep” were a couple of my first books on the subject.

Speaking of which. Does anybody use “Pacific Fighters” anymore?

I still fly 1946 regularly which incorporated the content of Pacific Fighters.


what type of planes is in this wildcats? carrier based aircraft?

It was released some 14-15 years ago. It had a bunch of carrier based aircraft.
Here’s a review by Avsim.

A lot of IL-2 fans hoped the Pacific would be the next in the IL-2 Great Battles series, but it was put on hold for Bodenplatte. They haven’t given up on it though…


Thanks for the review. I really liked Pacific Fighters…must be the USN in my blood. :sunglasses: However I did notice the cons mentioned in the review. I had this on an earlier PC and it didn’t “make the leap” to the 2014 upgrade. That was probably because I hand’t had TrackIR yet…it was a bit of a pain trying to use the hat switch to scan around the skies and cockpit. I should break it out and give it another try with TrackIR.

Actually, I think that the best WWII Pacific Theater flightsim was MS Combat FS 2. I got the strategy guide with it. It accurately described the strengths and weaknesses of the fighters and outlined the best tactics for each. I thought “yeah sure”, but in the sim the fighter models were pretty much as they were describes / actually were. I distinctly remember the tactics for the Hellcat, which were not to get into a turning fight with a Zero–you would lose–but to make slashing attacks, then extend and then come back for another.

Once I had practiced that tactic, I was nearly unstoppable…in a Hellcat. Other fighters had other tactics that I hadn’t mastered as well and things didn’t go so good…kind of like my Viggen record…:open_mouth:

So, getting back to the theme of this thread, I find it helpful read up on an aircraft. (Any good Viggen books?)

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In Swedish… I’ll check to see if I have any in english.