Understanding the IL2 Strumovik Great Battles settings?

I know most of you probably fly in this game, well I tank… but I can’t figure out the gameplay settings and hope someone here might be able to advise and help…

What I want is a in between… I want to have a map because you kinda need that to know where to go. I want the nav point markers, and I want an external view more for screenshots and more exciting when broadcasting a mission.

I don’t want the tank aids or the gun aids, I don’t want the distant to target labels. But I can’t find the options to set it how i want, it’s either too easy or too hard. Anything I’m missing???

Attached is a screenshot of the settings, the normal and the expert… non of the custom options do anything to help me.


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Hey Magnum, I haven’t played with the tanks in a while, although I really like them. More of a “so little time” issue. But what works for me in planes is to select Expert, then add the one or two things I do like, making it in between Expert and Normal, AKA Custom. For instance, I don’t want any engine management, weapons deployment, or survivability help, but do like autopilot, so I can time accelerate on long flights between waypoints.

Ya, I understand but what I’m saying… in those custom options there are none for Map or labels, or external view. Those are want I want, (and don’t want…labels.)

I guess the number 1 thing is to turn off labels… I feel even in normal it’s a cheat with location and distance. thx.

Did you try turning off object markers? Not at my PC, but anything more granular is beyond my understanding. It’s a good discussion though. Let us know what you find out.

Edit: I guess turning off navigation markers defeats the purpose of having a plan. I.E. if you were on offense, somebody would have he day’s objectives, right? Only familiar with the infantry side, which is limited to active duty reserve time. “It’s a recon patrol, not a combat patrol.” as I got tapped on the steel pot. We didn’t have Kevlar back then :joy:


I loved the steel pot, shave in it, cook in it… was awesome, the Kevlar did nothing but hive you a headache. lol

And that turns off ALL markings,

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I use the I key to alternate

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Not sure if I’m explaining myself well… that, I, turns off the labels but also the nav markings AND the engine/gunner bar which is kinda needed in the heat of battle. I just want to turn off the labels on top of vehicles.

But thx.

I think some of those might be options you manually turn on/off with key combos in the pit as opposed to being realism-level. Check the key bindings settings under all the headings and see if they’re there.

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I think you have to, how shall I put it, “embrace the suck”. :wink:

AFAIK, there are many settings that come packaged together unfortunately. As it was noted in another thread on the subject, IL-2 expects you to be a zero, or a hero. There is no real in between.

I just toggle the I key on the HOTAS though it is immersion breaking.

Actually, as I’m writing this I seem to recall a mod somewhere that muted the labels a bit? Anyone else here remember that?

Edit: Something like this?


Thanks all… still can’t think to wonder what the hello they were thinking… How the hell are you suppose to play the ground game in expert mode with no map, no waypoint marker… you just have your in tank view and have to guess where to go and what to attack based on whatever you remember the mission notes as… a map is a absolute must, bare minimum must have. IMO

Thx, I live with it I guess. :wink:

The default is the letter O key for the in game map during game play.



Ahh, the briefing screen… works in a bind I guess. Thx.

Well the O is all I need I guess… thanks again.

Tank Crew M4A2 Sherman Tank - YouTube

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