Unexplained Phenomenon

I can’t figure this thing out and now it seems to be scanning my front door …

I keep seeing this dot of “light” on my security cams in various places.

I call it a dot of light but I think it’s actually a dot of infinite blackness as I’ve gone out to look at it and I can’t see it!!! (I have this on camera) Has anyone else seen this type of anomaly?

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Looks like IR light.

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Yes, the camera has IR.

Is there an IR based motion detector, covering that area?

I have motion detection on. Do you think that’s what it is? It’s a $50 IP camera for goodness sakes LOL! This isn’t a military IR sensor. :slight_smile:


It could be… Try covering the motion detector and see if the dot goes away.

Ya, but did you see how the “light” went straight upwards for no reason?

Yeah. I don’t know anything about scannning patterns of detectors… Just throwing out an idea. If you cover the detector and the light’s still there, it’s not it. Could be hard to do if it’s a combined detector and camera.

A little spider dangling from the ceiling?


Roger that. I did a visual check in this video (our porch is enclosed by glass so you can see my reflections) …

I didn’t see a dang thing. Complete blackness. I’m honestly afraid to check this thing out but I’ll do a more thorough investigation next time including covering the sensor.

This thing has been bugging me from weeks back when it was in my garage in front my car’s windshield. That’s why you see my garage in the right pane. I was hoping to catch it there.

Definitely an IR dot.


that dot is a tiny baby UFO waiting for cookies, because not received any attention, he goes away crying to the mother ship. :smiley:


It’s your cat getting you back for all the laser pointer shenanigans.


What’s an IR dot?

Spiders on my IR cameras look quite like that. And they often travel directly up and down while starting a new web, and then around as they complete. The web itself isn’t always visible in my experience, unless it’s close to the camera and the IR emitters are really illuminating it. I have to go out occasionally and knock down webs if they are too close, as the IR they reflect completely blinds my cameras.

When you are looking out the window in that one video, try shining a flashlight out there, and see if there’s a spider hanging out.

Otherwise, it would be weird for somebody or something to be shining an IR beam on your house. I guess you could go outside when it’s happening, and fluff some baby powder in the air, and see if the camera shows an actual illuminated beam revealed by the cloud. That might show the direction of the source.

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Infra Red dot.
Something is projecting a focused IR or laser dot as scan of a volume of space.

You see it stepping but probably is a smooth movement.

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Ok, so tonight I saw two parallel god rays on the corner of my garage bright as day. They looked like some kind of structural beams! …

Trying to highlight them with red lines. You can still barely see one anomaly there … the difference between light and dark. There’s actually another one right beside it on the right.


Ya, maybe I should lay off the drugs of which I am not on right now but man whatever car drove by my house lit up those anomalies like crazy! :slight_smile: I’m going to bed now.

Get your smartphone, activate the camera, point it at the suspicious place, (you can see IR light on the image displayed from digital cameras) if the point is there, you can use a white paper to lay it under that dot, now move it in the direction of the unknown source (away from the door) untill you find that source.


I’m putting this whole “unexplained phenomenon” thread to bed guys. My imagination got away on me LOL! :upside_down_face: Just reflections and spiders (thanks @adlabs6 for the spiders suggestion).

Oh, and now we find out we have a family of racoons using our backyard as a playground! …