Unigine 2 Sim Engine

Sort of graphics related, so here will do.

Unigine 2, 3D visualization SDK for Professional Simulators.


Looks fancy. This flight demo is on a single GTX 1080 at 4k res apparently.

Not sure if any ‘non commercial’ licensing coming up, but it pushes the eye-candy to 11. More info at the site here:

The clouds!

The water!


Knowing how much they were into transportation and SCUBA, I thought that might be the remnants of former Aces Studio (FSX), now Cascade Game Foundry. Different group though.

Mmmmm…delicious. Now…is this the 2017 version of Outerra teasers? I think we’ve been on about 10 years of Outerra stuff… I’m ready for a sim/game dangit!


Oh my :heart_eyes::drooling_face: